Why Should You Get Adjusted in the New Year?

Published December 29th, 2020 by Dr. Markson

The New Year is nearly here and that means many of our patients are focusing on their health and wellness. More than 50% of New Year’s Resolutions are focused on a healthier lifestyle. Here are a few surprising reasons why you should include chiropractic on your resolution list. 

Chiropractic Can Help Reduce Sick Days: COVID-19 has been at the forefront of all of our minds this past year. It has been more important than ever to have a strong immune system, and chiropractic can help. The health of your spine impacts how well your central nervous system (CNS) functions, which in turn impacts every other system of the body – including your immune system. When your spine is healthy, your CNS is healthy, and the rest of your body systems will improve as well. This means fewer sick days and less medication! 

Chiropractic Can Help Reduce Stress:  This year has been a stressful one! With regular adjustments, you can help your body better handle stress. Your nervous system has different divisions that are meant to work harmoniously. But these systems can be affected by injury, sickness, misalignments, and more. With regular chiropractic care, these imbalances can be corrected so your body can be at its best. 

Chiropractic Can Help Improve Digestion: After all the rich and decadent foods of the holidays, you may be feeling sluggish and slow. Regular chiropractic care can help improve digestive issues and stomach problems by supporting regular GI function. The nerves that innervate the organs that make up the digestive system come mostly from the lumbar spine. Misalignments in that area can interfere with digestion and function, so chiropractic care is a great way to get your GI system back on track. 

There are many more reasons to make chiropractic care your New Year’s Resolution. To learn more or schedule an adjustment at your local South Florida chiropractor, just click here to contact us. Keep in mind we will be open 10 AM – 1 PM  on 12/31, closed 1/1, and open 9 AM – 12 PM on 12/2. Happy New Year!

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