The Key to Great Health


Most people visit the doctor strictly when they are feeling unwell. Scheduling a visit to see your doctor when you are feeling fine is something relatively new. And yet, an increasing number of people who want to achieve their best are regularly visiting their chiropractor. This is to stay well, not just take care of back pain! 

The First Sign

Remember when you were a kid, and being sick meant staying home when you didn't feel well and returning to school when you were better? We have been taught to think that being sick means there are obvious symptoms, but that's just not always the case. A number of health problems are the direct result of unhealthy life choices that don't always come with the obvious symptoms one would expect until the effects are well advanced. 

Healthy Response

The opposite is also true. If you eat an improperly handled food item, and find yourself vomiting to get it out of your system, you don't feel good but you are having a healthy response. 

True health is not limited to how we feel, but is also how well our bodies function.

Central Control

How well our bodies work is based upon the integrity of our nervous system, and that is exactly why so many people come to our practice for wellness care. Our patients want to make sure that every organ and tissue has an uninterrupted nerve supply. It is plain good sense to detect little problems before they become serious health issues.

Achieving True Health

True health is more than not being sick. It is the combination of your social, mental, and physical well-being. Regular exercise, a diet full of nutritious foods, drinking more water, and just about every other healthy habit produce even bigger results when your nervous system is functioning properly. 

Everyone wants to feel good, and your care should not be limited to whether you are experiencing pain or other symptoms. Problems can exist without obvious symptoms…just like heart disease, high blood pressure, and dental cavities.

What do you do to maintain your health? Share your thoughts in the comments below.