Staying Healthy During This CRAZY Time

Published April 28th, 2020 by Dr. Daner

For most of us, these are the craziest, troubling, and unsure times that we’ve ever lived through. We are fighting an invisible enemy who is changing the world as we know it. People are losing loved ones, watching their friends and family get sick...others have lost their jobs, their businesses, many are struggling to make ends meet, and really see no way out of this. It’s a tough time for everybody for different reasons, both personally and financially. It seems like everything is out of our control, as we are told all we can do is stay home. However, the one thing you do have control over is YOU. YOU control how you will stay healthy and in shape at a time where it is insanely easy to gain weight and not work out. How many of us are using this time to binge-watch Netflix? To sleep in? To eat junk food all day just for the sheer fact that you are home? It is so easy to fall into the “quarantine weight gain”. I want you to think about it in quite the opposite way...this is the time to get in shape, since there are really no excuses! 

It is easy to justify not working out during these times. After all, gyms are closed! However, you can get plenty of exercise without the fact, many patients I’ve spoken to have actually canceled their gym memberships. Cardio is easy; walking, jogging, running. Interval training is the best, as it really enhances your cardiovascular fitness. I would recommend going very early in the morning...not only is it much cooler, but it is really nice to start your day with nature waking up around you. It really does something for the soul. Bike rides are also great for exercise, and it doubles as a family bonding experience. For strength training and stretching, there are literally hundreds of yoga and bodyweight exercises online. You can find these simply by searching on Google or YouTube. 

During these times of uncertainty, many of us have more free time than we have ever had in our lives! Instead of wasting the time laying around watching tv, why not better yourself? Just because the world has gone to sh-t does not mean you have to let yourself do the same. Here’s an idea...why not come out as a better you at the end of all this? No one wants to be stuck at home in a Pandemic...but why not use the time to your advantage and get in shape?!

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