Active Mind, Active Body, Active Home

Published April 7th, 2020 by Dr. Markson

As we continue to spend more time at home, it’s important to keep mental health a priority along with physical health. Here are some tips to help you stay fit (and sane!) while practicing social distancing from home.

Create a Routine

Just because normal day-to-day routines have changed doesn’t mean they are gone altogether. It’s important to establish a routine that creates active alternatives for the new normal.

You could sleep the day away, but resist the urge. Part of the key to great sleep health is going to bed and waking up at about the same time every day. Make yourself a balanced breakfast every morning, take a shower, and don’t stay in your pajamas all day long. Find a routine that you can maintain to stay positive, even if it is just putting on a different pair of comfy pants than the ones you slept in.


Just because you aren’t at the office doesn’t mean you should forego your office stretches! Set a reminder on your phone to get up and stretch every hour that you’re awake. This will help you avoid stiff muscles and joints, maintain circulation, and prevent a permanent indentation being made on your couch.

Now is also a great time to pick up daily yoga or stretch sessions. Feel free to ask us for some recommendations during your next adjustment or do some research to find a routine that suits your goals and activity level. Even if it’s just a short period of time spent stretching, it’s better that than sitting around all day, every day.

Try At-Home Workouts

Maybe you’re really missing going to the gym or are using this time to finally get into fitness. The good news is that even without any workout equipment at home, you can still create a workout routine that keeps you active and fit. We can suggest some at-home exercises and health and fitness experts are sharing more exercises than ever. Just hop on the internet and search for equipment-free workouts and you will find a variety of YouTube videos and articles detailing what exercises to do and how to do them – all for free!

Time to Find an Active Hobby

You know that hobby you always told yourself you were going to try if only you could find the time? Well, now is the time! Hobbies that get you moving are especially important, even if it is very small movements like knitting, which is great for arthritis and dexterity. You could also try:

·        Sewing

·        Pottery

·        Crocheting

·        Cross-stitching

·        Baking

·        Pickling

·        Furniture restoration

·        Scrapbooking

·        Puzzles

·        Music making

·        Candlemaking

 Spending so much time at home may seem daunting, but with the right frame of mind, you can use this as an opportunity to explore new hobbies and health practices you didn’t have the time to delve into before. An active mind and body is a healthy mind and body, and our health is more important than ever! For more tips on how to make the most of your time at home, just ask during your next appointment – click here to schedule today!

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