The Damaging Side Effects of Dehydration

Published March 2nd, 2021 by Dr. Markson

When you think of health tips, the most common one that comes to mind is probably to drink more water. You know your body needs it, but do you actually get enough of it? Most people don’t get enough water and end up in a state of constant dehydration. If that sounds familiar, it may be costing you in ways you aren’t even aware of, like causing back pain. Here are some of the side effects of not drinking enough water.

Low Energy Levels

Your blood is comprised of nearly 90% water. If you aren’t properly hydrated, your heart is forced to work overtime to get enough oxygen to all the cells in your body. This can leave you with low energy levels but is easily remedied by increasing your water intake.

Digestion Issues

Your digestive system is also greatly impacted by dehydration. The lining of your stomach and intestines is made up mostly of water and when you don’t drink enough of it, it isn’t able to do its job properly. This can cause indigestion, constipation, heartburn, and more. It can also affect how well your body can absorb nutrients from the food you eat.

Back and Joint Pain

The cartilage that cushions and protects your joints is made up of approximately 80% water. With that knowledge, it’s easy to see how dehydration can impact your joints and lead to back pain. A study from the Cleveland Clinic even found that those who are chronically dehydrated have about a 60% chance of developing an inflammatory condition like arthritis.

Health and Wellness Care at Markson Chiropractic

At your local South Florida chiropractor, we believe in a whole-body approach to health, which is why we promote the importance of proper hydration. It is our goal to help our patients reach true health and that includes physical, emotional, and mental well-being. To get started on your journey to wellness, click here to contact our chiropractic practice.

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