How to Tweak Your Golf Game to Avoid Injuries and Back Pain

Published July 7th, 2015 by Dr. Markson

I've always loved golfing, and whenever I'm out on the course I notice a few things that most people are doing that is likely going to keep them from being able to play for the full season. So here are a few tips to avoid injuring your back on the golf course:

1. Your Golf Clubs

One of the most common ways people injure their backs while golfing is while lifting their clubs out of the car. Flexion in tandem with the rotation is when your back is at its most vulnerable. Keeping this in mind when your lifting your clubs will make you less prone to injury. As always, remember to lift with your legs, not your back. Don't try to pull the bag out of the car quickly. Make sure you get your clubs in two steps 1: lift your back 2: then rotate the clubs down to the ground. 

2. Hit the Gym

This is true for any person no matter the activity, but you should always strive to improve your cardiovascular strength and your core strength to best support your spine. The better shape you're in, the less likely you are to get winded and have your golfing form suffer.

3. Show up Early

Try to get to the golf course early so you can warm up before heading to the tee box. Start with your pitching wedge, then move to your non iron, three iron, and lastly your driver. The longer the over, the greater your potential for injury. Your longest club, the driver, has the most potential to hurt your back. So take the time to get your body warmed up before a long day of golf. And don't forget to stretch afterward as well!

4. Check your Form

Good form will not only lead to a great game, but a happy spine. Always pay attention to your form before taking a swing. 

5. Be Proactive

If you are experiencing stiffness and soreness, it isn't just going to go away on it's own. And it is likely to reoccur as well. Visit a chiropractor regularly, before you get injured! Having a chiropractor on your team will help your spine rotate more freely so that your golf swing is at its best. 

These few tweaks should help improve your golf game while keeping your back in check. What did you think of the list? Did you find it helpful? Would you add anything else to it? Let me know in the comments!

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