How Chiropractic Benefits All Ages

Published July 7th, 2020 by Dr. Hoder

If you already enjoy the many benefits of chiropractic care, you may be wondering if everyone else in your family can too. The answer is yes! Many people think chiropractic care is reserved only for those suffering from neck or back problems, injury from an auto accident, arthritis, or similar ailments. The chiropractor’s office is thought to be where middle-aged people go for back pain. While all of the above is true, it is also true that chiropractic is a growing form of healthcare that can bring healing, relief, and improved health to people of all ages. Here is how chiropractic can benefit your entire family, no matter what age.

Infants and Chiropractic Care

When you think of a baby you probably think of small and fragile and maybe not the ideal candidate for chiropractic. Rest assured, our chiropractors are experienced and well-trained in providing gentle, safe, and effective adjustments for all ages – even babies! The birthing process can be difficult on such a tiny body and as those bodies grow and develop quickly, adjustments can help with proper alignment. Parents who bring their babies to Markson Chiropractic for adjustments report positive effects including a decline in excessive crying and colic and an overall improved experience. Click here to learn to move about chiropractic for newborns and babies.

Kids and Chiropractic Care

When it comes to kids, chiropractic is no question. These growing bodes are constantly changing, making misalignments and issues like scoliosis more common. Parents report benefits including faster healing from sports and general injuries, fewer ear infections, and a better functioning immune system. Chiropractic helps suppose the central nervous system, which is the communication hub between the brain and the rest of the body. When it is functioning well, the rest of the body will too.

Adults and Chiropractic Care

Adults are the largest group of people who receive regular chiropractic adjustments. The benefits of chiropractic care that our adult patients see are numerous. Improved immune system, increased flexibility, less pain (including joint pain), better digestion, and an overall sense of well-being are just the beginning. For senior and older adults, arthritis relief and increased mobility as a result of chiropractic can be life-changing. Chiropractic care is a great place to start a healthy lifestyle, no matter your age or stage of life.

If you are interested in making chiropractic part of the healthcare routine for you and your family and are in the greater Ft. Lauderdale area, click here to schedule an appointment with us at Markson Chiropractic. We look forward to helping you on your journey to great health!

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