Don’t Let Pain Prevent You From Doing What You Love

Published June 9th, 2020 by Dr. Markson

Neck and back pain, whether or chronic or acute, can be debilitating. Some people experience pain when taking part in a certain activity or moving a certain way. Others have put a stop completely to the things they love because the pain is so bad. Pain is a clear indicator that there is an underlying issue and chiropractic can help.

Put a Stop To Pain

If you are suffering from back or neck pain that is putting a pause on the activities you love, chiropractic care may be able to help. Chiropractic is an effective, gentle, and natural treatment for both acute and chronic pain. At Markson Chiropractic, our chiropractors focus on determining the root of the issue so you can enjoy the benefits of both pain relief and increased health and wellness. Here’s how Drs. Rick Markson, Eric Hoder, Carly Tokar, Christopher Ancona, and Sean Daner use chiropractic to help you.


  • Removes joint restrictions and nerve interference

  • Targets the root cause of pain and other ailments

  • Reduces inflammation, tension, and stress

  • Improves the respiratory, digestive, immune, and nervous systems

  • Relieves pain, discomfort, and distress

  • Reduces headache and migraine pain

  • Speeds up the healing process and improves circulation

  • Restores function to the body's joints, muscles, and nerves

  • Improves mobility and independence by bettering balance, flexibility, coordination, and range of motion

Live Life Without Pain

One of the best things about chiropractic is that you no longer have to just live with being in pain or take pain relievers multiple times a day. Chiropractic treatments encourage the body to naturally heal itself and is suitable for all ages and stages of life. If you are like so many other people unnecessarily suffering from pain and stiffness, click here to contact us and start living life pain-free!

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