Chiropractic is 120!

Published September 15th, 2015 by Dr. Markson

I've grown up with chiropractic. My father, Dr. Larry Markson adjusted me the day I was born. All of my own kids have been getting adjusted since the day they were born as well. I can recite the history of chiropractic in my sleep, but I know it's not common knowledge so I want to share it with you all.

So, 120 years ago Dr. Palmer's convinced his janitor to let him push his spine back into alignment. 17 years before, the janitor had a lump on his spine that had formed over time after he improperly lifted a box. After the injury, the janitor became partially deaf. Dr. Palmer theorized that if he could re-align his janitor's spine, it would restore his janitor's hearing. Only two days after the adjustment, the janitor's hearing had improved.

That is where chiropractic first got started, and 120 years later it is widely understood that chiropractic is a natural way to restore the nerve flow in your body. From headaches to asthma, back pain to indigestion, chiropractic can help so spread the word!!

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