Is Your Body Ready For Your Amusement Park Visit?

Published July 20th, 2021 by Dr. Markson

After the year that we’ve all had, it’s not surprising that everyone wants to return to normal. A big part of that normalcy is family events like your yearly (or first!) trip to an amusement park. But before you go, make sure you come to see us at Markson Chiropractic before you head out. Getting an adjustment before you go will help make the difference in how you experience the parks and further, it’ll help you to keep up with the kids. 

Before Visiting an Amusement Park

A chiropractic adjustment before going to the amusement park is always a good idea. A lot of people leave for the entertainment and never stop to think about if their body is up for a day of multi-mile walking, not to mention the jostling rides. By coming to us beforehand, we can often stop your pain before it starts. We will align your back and give you the best chance possible to come out of the park still feeling relaxed and happy, and not stressed and in pain. 

While at the Park

We even have some advice for while you’re at the park. First, remember to hydrate as much as possible. This means bringing a water bottle with you to always have access to water. This also means that in order to hydrate yourself, you’ll need to periodically sip water throughout your time in the park. You should never allow yourself to get to a point of dehydration

While you’re there, also remember to take the time to do stretches before, during, and after your walk. In doing some simple stretches, you can ensure that your body is loose and relaxed. That will maximize your positivity during the day since you won’t be hitting the ground with a tense back and legs. For more tips on how to get the chiropractic care you need in South Florida, contact us at Markson Chiropractic today.

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