3 Spring Break Travel Safety Tips

Published March 21st, 2023 by Dr. Markson

’Tis the season to gather up your closest friends or your growing family, pack your bags, and hit the road. If you’re one of the many, many Floridians with travel plans, you’ll want to get hip to a few important steps for spring break travel safety. Looking to avoid back pain from sitting in the driver’s seat? Want to make sure you’re energized when you arrive at your destination? These tips will help. 

3 Spring Break Travel Safety Tips

Know Before You Go

Being prepared is one of the most important things you can do for spring break travel safety. That means taking time before your trip to make sure that you have essentials like a first aid kit, roadside emergency kit, and properly inflated spare tire. You’ll also want to bring healthy snacks and plenty of ice-cold water to drink. Pre-trip preparation should also include mapping out your route so that you know how long it should take to get where you’re going and what hazards you may encounter along the way. And don’t forget to check the weather—this can have an impact on your travels as well as what you’ll want to pack for vacation. 

Use Sunscreen While Driving

When your destination is the beach, you should undoubtedly have sunscreen handy to protect your skin and help you avoid sunburn. But you may want to apply a sun blocker before you ever put your toes in the sand. The sun can beat down just as intensely when you’re in the car, and if it’s coming at you from the driver’s side of the vehicle, it can result in a pretty nasty burn on any exposed skin. As a precaution, you should use sunscreen while driving, preferably something that’s at least SPF 15—it can help ensure that you aren’t dealing with a painful sunburn before your vacation even has a chance to start. 

Avoid Back Pain from Sitting by Stretching

If you’re planted in the driver’s seat for hours at a time, it’s not uncommon to feel stiff and sore when you get where you’re going. One of the best things you can do to avoid back pain from sitting is to make sure that you get out of the car and stretch from time to time. Feeling engaged and focused is critical for spring break travel safety, and it’s something that stretching really helps with. Stretching every couple of hours or so keeps your muscles loose and can be a big help for holding off shoulder, neck, and back pain from sitting in a car over a long trip. Want to make good time? Make it a point to leave out an hour or two earlier than needed so that you have the time to stretch. 

Get Ready for Spring with Markson Chiropractic

Spring can be a wonderful time for creating memories with friends and family and enjoying the rest and relaxation you deserve. If you want to maximize your relaxation in Plantation, FL, and get the most out of spring break, schedule an appointment at Markson Chiropractic and enjoy the benefits of chiropractic care

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