Why Dads Need Chiropractic

Published June 12th, 2019 by Dr. Markson

Father’s day is nearly here, and that means celebrating all the awesome dads in our lives (or just being celebrated!). This Father’s Day, give dad the gift that keeps on giving — his health! All too often, our male patients neglect their health to take care of everyone else, but a healthy dad helps the whole family live better lives. Here’s why you should take care of dad with chiropractic care.

Dads work hard.

Whether it’s in the office, physical labor, or staying home with the kids, dads work hard! What happens if dad goes down due to injury or illness? Regular chiropractic care boosts the immune system and improves the body’s natural ability to heal itself, so dad will be back on his feet in no time.

Dads want to dance with their daughters.

The father/daughter dance is a special moment during wedding receptions. What dad would want to miss out a milestone like that, especially if it could have been prevented? As we age, our bones become more brittle and our bodies weaken. To keep dad’s dancing shoes on, maintain regular chiropractic adjustments for improved health and flexibility.

Dads play hard.

Plenty of our patients are dads, and almost all of them love getting outside and playing with their kids. Whether it is heading to the playground, shooting hoops, or playing catch, nothing is more fun than playtime! All too often we hear of dads with aching backs or fatigue that prevent them from enjoying fun times with their kids. With chiropractic, dad can enjoy increased energy and pain relief so he’ll be back to playing ball before you know it.

Mom said so…

We know we’re supposed to be celebrating dads right now, but we also know that moms are the real bosses. It seems as though men would rather “tough it out” than seek medical attention and that they strive to be strong and silent when it comes to medical conditions. But health is not something to take lightly, and moms know just when to get dad in for health care!

We can’t tell you how many patients we’ve treated that started out saying they “aren’t into going to the doctor” who now receive regular chiropractic treatment…all it took was a little nudge from mom!

What dad says goes… and I’m a dad

Not only is a doctor sharing the importance of chiropractic care, but we’re also dads! We know how tough it is for parents to make their health a priority, but a happy and healthy dad is better able to support and provide for his family. Dad always has your back, so make sure you have his this Father’s Day. Contact us to learn more about the importance of chiropractic care for dads!

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