Treat Mom to Women's Health Supplements

Published May 2nd, 2023 by Dr. Hoder

A quick reminder if you haven’t looked at your calendar for May yet: Mother’s Day is less than two weeks away. So if you haven’t gone out of your way to get your mother or the mother figure in your life a well-deserved gift, now’s the time to act. One great way to show her you care or show yourself love is with women’s health supplements from Standard Process, which are available through Markson Chiropractic and offer great benefits like menopause support and menstrual pain relief

3 Women’s Health Supplements to Gift Your Mom


FemCo contains a powerful trio of herbs used in traditional medicine and women’s health supplements. Schisandra, Shatavari, and white peony work together to support healthy reproductive functions, provide menstrual pain relief, and keep your cycle regular. FemCo is also a great option for boosting energy and vitality, and it works in concert with other Standard Process products like Cramplex and Kava Forte to offer amplified benefits. 


If you want your mother to feel as beautiful as possible, Regeneplex® is one of the finest women’s health supplements that Standard Process offers. Regeneplex® is scientifically proven to expedite cellular rejuvenation, targeting all three layers of skin and reducing the effects of aging. By supporting cellular structure, Regeneplex® promises healthier and more elastic skin to keep women looking and feeling youthful. Plus, it’s a solid source of antioxidant vitamin C and zinc. 

Wild Yam Complex

For menopause support, Wild Yam Complex brings together a collection of traditional herbs including Korean ginseng, St. John’s wort, and the eponymous wild yam root. This combination of ingredients keeps you feeling calm, supports a balanced mood, and eases cramping for effective menstrual pain relief. Perhaps its most popular benefit is providing menopause support, easing feelings of discomfort caused by symptoms like chills and hot flashes. 

Explore Women’s Health Supplements with Markson Chiropractic

If you’d like to treat your mother to better health, Markson Chiropractic is pleased to offer leading women’s health supplements from Standard Process. If you or someone you know and love is looking for menstrual pain relief, menopause support, or a way to naturally feel more energized, schedule your appointment and come visit us in Plantation, FL. We offer everything from wellness products to services like chiropractic care and more.

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