Tips For A Healthy Spine


When you think about a healthy lifestyle, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it food? Exercise? Those components are incredibly important, but if you aren’t thinking about your spine, then you are missing out on a key element of good health. Here are some tips to help promote good spinal health.

Pay Attention To Your Posture

If you’re like millions of others who spend the majority of their day sitting, then you know posture is easy to overlook. On average, Americans will spend 11 hours sitting per day. No wonder you are seeing so much more information claiming that sitting is the new smoking. Sitting too much has negative impacts on our health, and that knowledge isn’t new. Despite so much information about how important proper posture is, it is easy to forget to pay attention, meaning our posture (and spine) suffers. Some jobs make it difficult to avoid sitting all day, but a sedentary lifestyle without activity and physical exercise will negatively affect your health. A good start to avoiding that is to get up every 45 minutes-1 hour and stretch your legs and walk around. Not only will it clear your mind, but your back and spine will be happy, too!

Get To Stretching!

Stretching has been the underdog of exercise for too long. Anyone can do it anywhere, it doesn’t require any fancy equipment, and you can do it for as long as you like. Stretching doesn’t require you to see your chiropractor or doctor to reap the full benefits. There are even specific moves that can target your core and muscles surrounding your spine, which helps support spinal health. Are you suffering from lower back pain? We know of some stretches that can help. Sciatica? Yep, we can suggest stretches. Herniated discs? Check. Scoliosis? Double check. To help with long term help, building up the muscles around the spine is extremely important.

Regular Chiropractic Visits

When it comes to spinal and musculoskeletal structure, our chiropractic team are experts. We understand there may be some apprehension when visiting the chiropractor for the first time, but our team will do everything possible to ease your mind. It is our goal to help you reach optimal health, and chiropractic can help with a great number of issues. By removing interference within the spine, we can target the root of the problems you are experiencing, not just treat your symptoms. With a healthy spine, you’ll have a healthy body. Chiropractic care will help get you there!

Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation, and let us know in the comments how chiropractic has helped you!