Take Control of Your Sleep Schedule

Published May 23rd, 2023 by Dr. Markson

If you’re not sleeping well, it’s hard to get much of anything done. Restless nights bleed over into unproductive days and mounting frustration, which only makes it harder to shut off as the night winds down. It can be a terrible cycle, but you have the power to reclaim control of your sleep schedule. The right bedtime routine and regular chiropractic adjustments can help you sleep better regularly

How to Take Control of Your Sleep Schedule

Form Better Habits and Stick to Them

Not getting enough sleep could be caused by a variety of factors, including the things you do leading up to going to bed. Drinking caffeine too late, spending too much time on your phone, or not consistently going to bed at the same time are all major contributors to restlessness. Identifying bad habits that might be causing your lack of sleep and correcting them may be enough for you to create a sleep schedule that works.

Set the Space to Work for You

Your bedroom is a sanctuary for rest and relaxation, and it needs to accommodate you as much as possible. Things like blackout curtains, an air purifier, and a white noise machine can all help you sleep better by improving the atmosphere in your bedroom. If you’ve tried several different things and still can’t get your sleep schedule to fall into place, you may even need to invest in better pillows or a higher-quality mattress

Chiropractic Adjustments Help You Sleep Better

Physical discomfort and stress also make it quite hard to get into a rhythm with your sleep schedule. Regular chiropractic adjustments help bring your body and mind into sync so that you can relax and unwind when the time comes to get your eight hours of rest. Experiencing the phases of chiropractic relief with the help of Markson Chiropractic can put you on the path to feeling more rested on the regular. Plus, chiropractic adjustments offer several other long-term benefits that support better holistic health. 

Markson Chiropractic Can Help You Sleep Better

Pain relief and stress reduction are critical for taking control of your sleep schedule, and Markson Chiropractic can help. Schedule an appointment and visit our team in Plantation, FL, and we can help you sleep better with the help of chiropractic adjustments, massage, and more.

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