Try Supplements for Holiday Stress Relief

Published December 5th, 2023 by Markson Chiropractic And Medical

There’s a lot of joy to experience throughout the holidays, but it’s a time of year that can also be quite demanding. If you’re anxious or overwhelmed, you may be able to get much-needed stress relief with the help of natural supplements. Markson Chiropractic is excited to offer Standard Process products to our friends in Plantation, FL, including several great supplements for holiday stress relief

Standard Process Supplements to Try for Holiday Stress Relief

Adrenal Complex

A healthy adrenal gland is vital to stress regulation, and too much stress can cause adrenal fatigue. To avoid this, consider taking Adrenal Complex, which contains licorice and Rehmannia. These herbs are commonly found in traditional stress relief tonics, making this supplement handy during the holiday season and year-round. Adrenal Complex works wonders on its own, but it can also be used alongside other stress relief supplements like Valerian Complex and Kava Forte. 


Drenamin® also helps support your adrenal gland, and it spurs better energy production and better immune system response with a healthy dose of vitamin C. This supplement is also a great source of niacin, riboflavin, and vitamin B6, which work together to support balanced mood and emotional health. These ingredients also help boost your metabolism, which helps your body use your holiday meal to create natural energy. 


Orchex® is an excellent source of niacin and vitamin B6, which support the nervous system and help bring it into balance. Proper nervous system response means a better reaction to environmental stressors and a more regulated stress response. This keeps you emotionally balanced, allowing you to stay in a better mood. 

Try Supplements for Holiday Stress Relief in Plantation, FL

If you’re struggling this holiday season, Markson Chiropractic can help. We offer Standard Process supplements for stress relief and mood support, and we provide services like chiropractic care and massage that can help you stay level during the holiday season. Give us a call at (954) 472-7975 or schedule a visit online to get started on your path to less holiday stress in Plantation, FL.  

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