Supplements for Seasonal Stress Management

Published December 13th, 2022 by Dr. Hoder

Stress management is especially important around this time of year when you have so many irons in so many different fires. There are several different steps you can actively take to keep yourself feeling less overwhelmed, including seeing your chiropractor and massage therapist regularly. Another way to keep yourself above water is by trying some natural supplements for stress.

Natural Supplements for Stress Management


Getting a good night’s sleep every night is critical for feeling healthier overall. Melatonin is the hormone that your body creates to regulate your sleep cycle, and you can help your body get in rhythm by taking a melatonin supplement. Taking a melatonin supplement before you wind down for the evening can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep until you’re ready to face the day. 


Fun fact: Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit word that translates to “smell of the horse,” referring both to the unique odor of this natural supplement and its penchant for providing energy. The benefits of ashwagandha include better sleep, sharper focus, and even reduced joint inflammation. Ashwagandha is also a great supplement for stress management because it helps reduce chemical production that increases feelings of anxiety. 


Drenamin® helps support your adrenal gland, which plays a major role in chemical stress responses by releasing hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. This supplement allows the adrenal glands to function at optimal levels, which promotes a balanced mood, more energy, and better responses to real-world stress. Drenamin® is also a great source of nutrients like riboflavin, vitamin C, and vitamin B6. 

Adrenal Complex

Standard Process’ Adrenal Complex also helps regulate and improve adrenal function with a pair of powerhouse ingredients. This natural supplement for stress management contains licorice root—which flavors the candy of the same name—and Rehmannia. Licorice and Rehmannia are both native to China and popularly used in traditional medicine. 

Kava Forte

This Standard Process product contains naturally extracted kava root. Kava root contains chemicals that are linked with improving mood and promoting relaxation. Kava Forte helps calm the nerves and muscles, making it easier to unwind after a stressful day. 

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