How to Stop Overeating During the Holidays

Published November 28th, 2023 by Dr. Daner

The holidays are a time of joy, wonder, and light—and a time for enjoying great food with people you love. But so many of us struggle with overeating during the holidays, which can stop weight loss goals and good eating habits in their tracks. But if you know some helpful tips to avoid overeating over the holidays—including learning about proper meal portion sizes—you’ll have one fewer thing to stress about in the weeks to come. 

How to Stop Overeating During the Holidays

Don’t Break Your Breakfast Routine

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas can mess with your sense of normalcy by taking you out of your routine. We may be more inclined to overeat if we don’t treat these days as ordinary in some senses. To break the spell, make sure you eat a light, healthy breakfast on a day when you know there will be a big holiday meal. This will help in a number of ways—it can kickstart your metabolism, suppress your appetite leading up to the meal, and give you a nice boost of energy. You should also stick to other important daily habits as well, including getting a full night’s sleep

Drink Plenty of Water

Another good health habit to keep up with during the holidays that can help stop you from overeating is drinking enough water. As it is, you should drink around eight 8-ounce cups of water a day if not more, and that’s something you should strive to do even during special occasions. Fill up a water bottle and bring it with you to your family gathering and drink your fill a few times over throughout the day. This will reduce fatigue and keep feelings of hunger in check, which can help ensure you don’t overeat at the dinner table.

Use Proper Portion Sizes for Your Meal

Proper portion sizes are a great tool to help stop you from overeating because it encourages mindful eating. Using a smaller plate can be a great shortcut if you don’t want to weigh or measure your portion, and you should consider distributing your plate so that it’s half vegetables, one-quarter grains or starches, and one-quarter protein. Also try to avoid overloading your plate—take a smaller portion that you know you’ll eat completely, then give your body time to process so it can tell you whether it’s full or not. 

Stop Overeating During the Holidays With Nutritional Counseling in Plantation, FL

If you want to eat better, lose weight, or just feel more like your old self, nutritional counseling can help. Working with an expert can set you up with the tools you need to stop overeating during the holidays, learn proper portions for meals, and get more of the nutrients your body needs. If you’d like to try nutritional counseling in Plantation, FL, you can schedule a visit with Markson Chiropractic or give us a call at (954) 472-7975.

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