Scare Off Foot Pain with Proper Footwear

Published October 25th, 2022 by Dr. Daner

Beggars Night is so close you can taste it—and it tastes a lot like candy! You and the kids might have your costumes all picked out, or you might still be narrowing down your choices. Whatever you decide, one thing is for sure: Wearing the proper footwear ensures that nobody comes home with sore feet after a night of going door to door. 

Stop Foot Pain with the Right Shoes

If you’re dressing up like a pirate for Halloween, I know you might want to complete the look with some swashbuckling boots—or maybe even a wooden leg. But neither option is especially comfortable if you’re planning on walking the sidewalks for hours with your mateys. To stop foot pain before it starts, you may have to sacrifice total authenticity. But I’m pretty confident the kids won’t mind once that bag starts filling up with candy. 

When you’re deciding what to wear on your feet for trick-or-treat, always opt for comfort over completing the look. A nice pair of cozy walking shoes with good arch supports will be far kinder to your feet than heavy boots or costume shoes. You might be surprised how much walking you actually do on Halloween, and it’s better to be surprised by your step counter rather than unexpected pain. 

More Trick-or-Treat Tips

Now that you know that proper footwear will stop foot pain, let’s go over a few important trick-or-treat tips to keep you and the kids safe. If you have younger kids, make sure you all stay together at all times. Even if you trust your neighbors, don’t let your kids out of your sight. 

When you’re on the move, make sure everyone sticks to the sidewalks. Make sure your children know not to dart out into the street or cut through peoples’ yards. Only approach houses that are well-lit and appear to be handing out candy. And speaking of well-lit, everyone should have something reflective on their costumes or have a light source like a glow stick or flashlight. 

And, of course, when you get home, don’t eat too much candy at once! Do what you can to curb your sugar cravings before you step out for the night and you’ll feel much better the morning after Halloween. 

Happy Halloween from Markson Chiropractic! 

I hope that you and your family have a happy, healthy, and safe Halloween! If you do find yourself dealing with achy feet, sore legs, or back pain after a night of trick-or-treating, why not treat yourself to an adjustment? Schedule your appointment with me or one of my awesome colleagues at Markson Chiropractic in Plantation, FL.

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