Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Published September 28th, 2021 by Dr. Daner

In what can only be qualified as a serious understatement, these are trying times in the world. Politics are a mess, uncertainty is at an all-time high, and we have what seems like a constantly changing but never-ending pandemic that is spiraling out of control. People are living in stressful situations like never before. We can only control what we can, and that is the first step of doing everything we can to stay healthy. With Covid all around us, it is more important than ever to keep a healthy, highly functioning immune system. While nothing is 100%, we want to give ourselves the best chance to stay healthy, and that starts with doing certain things to keep our immune systems working the correct way. 

Manage Your Stress — The number one thing I always tell patients that are trying to strengthen their immune system is that managing stress is the first step. Mental and emotional stresses have a way of manifesting themselves physically. We get sick easier when we are run down from stress. In correlation with this, it is also important to get the proper amount of sleep. If we are not rested enough, stresses affect us in a more profound way, and the body has a hard time staying healthy. It is vitally important to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep at night to be able to handle all the craziness that the world is throwing at us. 

Stay HydratedProper hydration is an important part of staying healthy. A daily recommended intake of water is about half your body weight in ounces. Personally, I like to start my day with two ice-cold glasses of water along with taking my supplements. This gets the body kick-started, and also gets thirty-two ounces of water out of the way. Supplements can help with immune health, such as turmeric and magnesium. 

Maintain Your Health — The last two suggestions for maintaining immune system health run hand in hand. Moderate exercise will help keep the immune system healthy, as it may reduce inflammation and plays a vital role in immune system cell health. In accordance with this, it is important to remove/limit inflammatory foods in your diet. The big ones here are sugar and gluten. If you can find a way to limit or even remove these from your diet, you will be better off and have a greater chance for a healthy, super-powerful immune system!

While nothing in life is 100%, there are certain steps we can take to give ourselves a greater chance at having a healthy immune system. Try and incorporate these behavior modifications into your daily life. Obviously, in addition to all these, it is important to get your spine checked regularly to make sure your nervous system is free of interference, which in turn will have the immune system perform at a higher level. At your local South Florida chiropractor, we believe in holistic health, which is why we recommend naturally boosting your immune system. A key part of our mission is to support our patients to achieve true health, which encompasses physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Click here to contact our chiropractic practice to begin your journey to wellness.

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