How to Start The Year Off Healthy

Published December 27th, 2016 by Dr. Markson

The holidays usually equate to too many sweets with too few visits to the gym. Plus a cough or cold that leads to using sick days you were trying to stockpile for the New Year. Getting on the path to better health (and more sick days in your arsenal) can be done with these few simple and smart steps:

Start Eating Clean

  • Work fruits and vegetables into your diet. This will boost your antioxidant levels. From kale and spinach to blueberries and pomegranates, colorful fruits and vegetables not only taste great, but they may help boost your immune system. Whenever possible, buy organic or grow it yourself!

  • Eliminate bad fats: The saturated fats found in butter and dairy like ice cream, and milk can clog your arteries. Swap them out for the kinds of heart-healthy fats found in nuts or fish. Keep trans fats out of your diet if possible since they are also bad for your heart.

  • Eat powerful proteins: Protein is a vital part of a healthy diet. Healthy protein options include salmon, poultry, beans, quinoa etc. While red meat is high in protein it can lead to various health risks. If you do opt for red meat choose lean, grass-fed beef.

  • Avoid processed foods: Fast food might be convenient, but those processed foods are often filled with unrecognizable ingredients that are bad for your health. Here's a simple rule to follow: If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, don't buy the food. 

Exercise Regularly

Whether it's swimming, cycling, running, walking, surfing, paddle boarding, etc. getting regular exercise fires up good endorphins and helps you get and stay well. To make exercise fun, choose an activity that you love. If you still find it hard to stay motivated, find a workout partner. That accountability can make you less likely to ditch your workout.

Get the Proper Amount of Sleep

Insufficient sleep can have major affects on you. Getting restorative rest is vital to your body's ability to stay healthy. Restrict your caffeine intake to the morning hours and keep your home cool to help induce a sound sleep. Also keep off your phone late at night as the artificial light from your gadgets can make it harder for your mind to shut down at night.

Try Regular Chiropractic

Remember, your greatest wealth is your health. Add regular chiropractic visits to your schedule for a natural way to boost your immune system so you can stay well and optimize your health.

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