How to Deal With Neck Pain

Published August 22nd, 2017 by Dr. Hoder

Most of us go through each day with some kind of ache or pain that we are essentially ignoring. Pain is a sign that something isn't quite right, and neck pain can be particularly debilitating. Neck pain is usually caused by muscle strain. You'll typically feel it on one side of the neck more than the other. The most common course of action is stretching and taking pain relievers and hoping it sorts itself out. However, if your neck pain is accompanied by other symptoms it may be a cause for concern. Here's why:

  1. Neck pain after a car accident, a.k.a, whiplash: If you're in a car that is hit fro behind, the neck tends to snap forward and backward rapidly. This causes what is known as a cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) trauma and should be treated by a chiropractor as soon as possible.

  2. Neck pain plus vomiting and stiffness: This may be an indication of meningitis. If you are unable to touch your chin to your chest, experiencing drowsiness, confusion and/or sensitivity to bright lights call a medical professional right away.

  3. Neck pain plus tingling in the fingers: This may indicate a herniated disc, which means pressure on a nerve root due to a narrowing of the spinal cord canal.

How Chiropractic Will Help

Chiropractors are skilled at determining the severity of your symptoms. We can help you get to the bottom of your pain in order to prevent it from recurring. And if your issue requires another type of practitioner, we will refer you to one.

After a thorough examination, if it is determined that chiropractic is all you need,  we'll work to restore normal feeling and function to your neck and other affected areas. Continuous chiropractic care will help ensure that the muscles and joints in your neck and back can work optimally and keep you comfortable and enjoying your life. 

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