How to Avoid Back Pain While Traveling

Published July 5th, 2022 by Dr. Hoder

Vacations and travel are really exciting parts of summer. This is a time for exploring and spending time with family and friends. Travel can, however, have a few negative consequences. For example, it can be hard to avoid back pain when traveling. Find out what causes lower back pain after a long car ride and how chiropractic can help.

What Causes Back Pain?

Lower back pain after long car rides is due to the constant sitting and lack of movement. It is especially necessary if you plan to go a long distance. The body becomes stiff and gets spinal subluxations from constant sitting because it needs to move and stretch regularly. Subluxations and stiffness in the spine will inevitably cause back pain. You can take frequent breaks like stopping at gas stations to stretch, but the best way to avoid back pain is to get a chiropractic adjustment before you travel.

How Do Chiropractors Help You Avoid Back Pain?

Chiropractors help you avoid back pain because they prepare the back for traveling. Chiropractors will check the spine for restrictions and remove them, which will lead to less discomfort. Routine chiropractic adjustments can help you stay in good health and prevent back pain in the future. Getting in a couple of visits before you travel prepares your body and back. Furthermore, if you get an adjustment after traveling, you can have any restrictions you acquired along the way removed.

Get Adjusted at Markson Chiropractic!

Markson Chiropractic is an excellent choice if you are considering chiropractic treatment before the travel season. You'll have a lot more fun traveling if you don't have to worry about lower back pain after the car ride. With a quick trip to your local South Florida chiropractor, you can avoid back pain and be on your way to being healthy on the go. Schedule your consultation today!

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