The History of Chiropractic Care

Published September 20th, 2022 by Markson Chiropractic And Medical

Today, chiropractic is a trusted form of natural pain relief that’s helped countless people enjoy a better quality of life. While the history of chiropractic as an established medical practice is relatively new, the origins of chiropractic care go back centuries

The Origins of Chiropractic Care

Though chiropractic care as we know it wasn’t established until just before the 20th century, the origins of chiropractic care go all the way back to one of the fathers of medicine. The Greek physician Hippocrates is credited with first seeing the health benefits of manual spine manipulation and adjustment. In his writing, Hippocrates described treatments that are similar in some ways to modern chiropractic care. 

The influence of Hippocrates on the medical field cannot be understated. Because of his towering presence, the concept of what would become chiropractic care spread to other countries. Buddhist temples built more than 2,000 years ago contain depictions of procedures resembling manual spinal adjustment. It wasn’t long before this concept found its way to America, where chiropractic officially took form.

What is Chiropractic Care and Who Is Daniel David Palmer? 

David Palmer is the man who is widely believed to have coined the idea of chiropractic care in the modern age. A resident of Davenport, Iowa, Palmer discovered the benefits of manual spinal adjustment after hearing the story of Harvey Lillard. Lillard was the janitor at his practice and claimed to have gone partially deaf after something popped in his back. After Palmer performed a spinal adjustment, Lillard said his hearing improved almost immediately. 

As for the name of the technique, that came from Rev. Samuel Weed, who was a friend of Palmer’s. He combined the Greek terms cheir (“hand”) and praktos (“done”) to create a word that literally translates to “done by hand.” 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Today

From the origins of chiropractic care to its expansion as a practice across the globe, this natural form of pain treatment has helped so many people make the most of their days. If you’re dealing with regular pain or want to enjoy better balance and mobility, Markson Chiropractic can help. Request an appointment today and visit our beautiful new office in Plantation, FL

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