Chiropractic, Sports Injuries and Performance

Published November 13th, 2018 by Dr. Daner

Chiropractors evaluate, treat and can help speed up recovery of neck, back, and extremity injuries. This can be especially helpful for athletes of any age, as most sports involve running, jumping, tackling, etc. These activities can lead to a numerous variety of injuries, ranging from minor to major. Chiropractors are used by athletes to treat and prevent these types of injuries. MIsalignments in the spine and elsewhere can occur from sports activities and trauma, and chiropractors are the ONLY healthcare providers trained to diagnose and treat these misalignments. These adjustments return the body to a normal state, reducing pain, and allowing the nervous system to properly function.

Chiropractic has become widely popular for amateur and professional sports teams across the world. In fact, most professional sports teams actually have a chiropractor on staff. This includes the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Olympic athletes across the world, and European soccer clubs. MIchael Jordan, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Tiger Woods are just a few athletes who have been very outspoken about the importance of chiropractic in the sports world. Chiropractors are becoming more and more widespread on sports teams throughout the world. A good question to ask is, “if chiropractic DID NOT help athletes heal and recover from injuries, would sports teams who are paying their athletes millions of dollars employ and allow such treatment on their investments?”

I myself have a personal story about treating athletes through chiropractic care. When I practiced in Atlanta, I was the sports chiropractor for Southern Polytechnical Institute in Marietta, GA in 2013-2014. I worked with the men’s and women’s basketball teams, as well as the men’s baseball team. Not only did the athletes love and appreciate the care, but there was an overwhelming majority who reported that they always healed faster when under care. Not to mention that the baseball team had their best season in 10 years!

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