Chiropractic Care in the Extremities

Published January 14th, 2020 by Dr. Daner

Generally, when people think of chiropractors and the treatment/care they provide, their first (and only) thought is the adjustment of the neck, back, and pelvis due to spinal discomfort. However, doctors of chiropractic can also evaluate and treat other areas of the body, especially the extremities. “Extremity” simply refers to a limb of the body. This can be a shoulder, knee, ankle, elbow, etc. Issues in the extremities can impact your overall well being, and also cause problems in the spine itself (and vice versa). Sports injuries commonly affect extremities more than the spine initially, and left untreated can manifest itself in the spine or elsewhere. 

In my personal experience, evaluating and adjusting extremities can make an immediate, positive change in one’s range of motion and level of pain. Those chiropractors with a background in sports chiropractic will tell you that athletes recover faster from injuries, and tend to perform better when under chiropractic care for the spine and extremities. Like in the spine, there are reproducible muscle and joint tests to indicate whether an extremity is weak and needs to be adjusted. Adjusting an extremity restores function, relieves pain, and allows the normal biomechanics of the body resume. Proper biomechanics and movement ensure that athletes and patients will have a less likely chance of tears, strains/sprains, bursitis, adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and other joint and soft tissue ailments/injures. Healthy and aligned joints increase range of motion and ensures for optimal athletic performance. 

When visiting your chiropractor, in addition to having your spine checked, make sure that you have he/she go through an extremity protocol to make sure all are aligned and functioning properly with the correct range of motion. This will help avoid extremity and spinal issues in the future, and ensure that you are the healthiest YOU that you can possibly be!

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