Chiropractic Care and Weightlifting

Published April 2nd, 2019 by Dr. Daner

Training with weights can be excellent for your health and physical condition, whether you are just a gym goer on the weekends or a serious bodybuilder. However, weight lifting is a lot like technology in the sense that it can be good and bad. This statement pertains to the obvious benefits and good that can come out of strength training, but keep in mind that it can be bad if done with bad posture/form and improper nutrition.

How can chiropractic help me in the gym with my strength training regiment? The answer is that spinal health goes a long way and is an important cog (if not the most important) in determining athletic success. If one has a healthy spine, and a nervous system functioning without interference, muscle function and efficiency are at their peak operating potential. On the flip side, the absence of a healthy spine and nervous system, adaptation to exercise cannot occur to its full potential. In addition to this, the body becomes more susceptible to injuries and illness, which will slow down your progress in the gym.

Chiropractic can be used both as preventative care and as treatment that can be used for existing injuries. The adjustments work on the alignment of your spine, which works with the nervous system. Therapies, such as muscle stimulation, massage, physical therapy, and ultrasound will work on the muscles which surround the spine and the joints of the extremities. It is a common belief that chiropractors only work on the neck and the back/spine, but it is important to realize that chiropractors also work on other areas of the spine such as shoulders, knees, ankles, and most other extremities. This enables chiropractors to effect the entire body and heal as fast as possible.

It is important for everyone to be living a healthy lifestyle, which includes proper nutrition, cardio and weight lifting workouts. When doing any/all of these, it is important to stay under chiropractic care in order to keep your body running like a fine tuned machine, keeping your nervous system free of interference.

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