5 Habits for a Healthy Spine

Published May 30th, 2017 by Dr. Markson

We normally don't pay too much attention to our spine until it isn't doing what it's supposed to. But what if there were habits you could maintain to keep your spine healthy to avoid malfunction? 

1. Maintain Proper Posture

Proper posture is crucial for a healthy spine. Proper posture doesn't only involve standing up straight. It is also how you sit, how you sleep, if your weight is properly distributed when you are standing.

2. Exercise Regularly

A healthy spine is an active spine. Regular exercise helps your spine to function at it's best. A strong core is your best bet for a strong spine. So workout your abs and low back muscle to give your spine the best support possible.

3. Eat Properly

Getting the correct amount of daily nutrients is vital for your overall health, including your spinal health. A healthy diet high in leafy greens and vegetables can help our body better accommodate stress and allow our nervous system to function optimally.

4. Get the correct amount of rest

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your entire body—including our spine. Your spine keeps you up all day and needs rest just as much as you do. The position that you sleep in plays a huge role in the rejuvenation of your spine. 

5. Visit a chiropractor regularly

Just like you need to visit the dentist to keep your teeth clean, you need to visit the chiropractor to keep your spine healthy.  

Could your spine use some love? Reach out today to book an appointment.

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