4 Misconceptions About Back Pain

Published December 13th, 2016 by Dr. Markson

Although back pain is common, it is not normal. There are quite a few common misconceptions surrounding back pain that stop people from taking proper action to correct it. Check out these facts surrounding 4 common misconceptions about pain and what the pain is trying to say to you:

Misconception 1: Back Pain is To Be Expected As You Age

Most people assume that as they age they will experience aches and pains. Knee pain, hip pain and back pain specifically are associated with aging. Sure, getting older may make you more susceptible to certain illnesses or diseases that can lead to back pain, but there are steps you can take to actively diminish it and keep your spine healthy—like chiropractic care.

Misconception 2: I Keep Active, So Back Pain Won’t Be a Problem for Me

Keeping active is part of keeping healthy. A strong core can help to keep your spine as it should be, however there is no guarantee especially because said activities can strain your back. In addition to keeping active, consider eating a highly nutritious diet, lowering stressors in your environment and maintaining proper posture.

Misconception 3: My Pain is Tolerable—So My Injury Must Not Be Bad

While pain is an indication of some underlying issue it is not an indication of how serious the issue is. Sometimes, pain can take days, weeks or even months to show itself following an injury as inflammation builds up in your body. If you’re experiencing a mild ache or pain that’s persistent, it may be time to get it checked out.

Misconception 4: Severe Back Pain Can Only Be Corrected With Surgery 

Back pain is a complaint for over 80% of the U.S. population. So obviously it is a common experience despite the fact that it is not normal. Because it is so common, people rush into surgery without considering alternative options. If you are experiencing back pain, try pursuing the least invasive option, chiropractic, first. 

If you’ve been experiencing back pain, consider giving our practice a call to schedule an appointment. Back pain may be common, but it’s definitely not normal.

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