Is Chiropractic Safe for Pregnant Women?

Published January 5th, 2015 by Markson Chiropractic And Medical

Chiropractic is extremely beneficial during pregnancy for a number of reasons. At Markson Chiropractic, we work with expectant mothers to help them achieve proper spinal alignment, which allows the body to function and feel better.  A properly aligned spine and pelvis can allow for proper fetal positioning, which encourages less complications during the birth process.

Toward the end of the first trimester and beginning of the second trimester, the expectant mom may start to feel changes in her uterus, and even in her spine and pelvic area. These changes become more apparent as the uterus and baby grow. The uterus has many ligaments that support its position inside the abdomen and connect it to other structures in the body for more stability. Some of these ligaments attach to the sacrum (tail bone) and with the growing fetus and uterus, can place tension on the sacrum, creating dysfunction and discomfort.

An expectant mom’s center of gravity, balance, and spinal positioning are changing at a rapid pace. In addition to the physical changes of pregnancy, the body is in high gear producing many new hormones. The hormone called Relaxin has one main purpose- to literally relax the joints, which allows widening of the pelvic girdle in preparation for birth. The additional weight of the baby in the front of the body creates stress on the spine, pelvis and sacrum. With the ability for an expectant mother’s joints to move more easily, misalignments occur frequently and can cause the common low back discomfort as well as other issues.

Some great ways to combat these blessings of child bearing are chiropractic and yoga.

Chiropractors can help by analyzing the spine and adjusting specific areas that are out of alignment to reduce interference to the nervous system and balance the spine, maternal pelvic muscles, and ligaments. This in turn can allow the expectant mom to have a properly aligned spine, which will make her body feel and function A LOT better! It will also reduce torsion in the uterus and allow for optimal fetal positioning in preparation for birth.

Yoga provides a wonderful opportunity to stretch and strengthen muscles that are changing and shifting throughout pregnancy. Yoga can help the expectant mom loosen tight muscles, feel relaxed and connect with the baby (and other pregnant women, if taking a prenatal yoga class!)

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