What's the Deal with a Slipped Disc?

Published April 24th, 2018 by Dr. Hoder

If you're a chiropractic patient, you've probably heard of a slipped disc. But did you know that term is not actually correct? Discs don't slip, but they can bulge. And when they do, we can help!

So what is a bulging disc?

A bulging disc is the tough outer layer of cartilage that is in between your vertebrae that has not fully broken open...imagine it as if you are squeezing a balloon filled with hair gel. The disc can protrude into the spinal canal without pain or breaking open, and instead, a small bubble pops out but is still attached to the disc.

The discs of your spine are just the right size to fit between your vertebrae. Therefore, when a disc bulges, it extends outside the space it should normally occupy. It can then push into nerves located in your spinal column.

Bulging is considered part of the normal aging process of the disc, making them a very common spinal injury. Many people don't even notice they are experiencing a bulging disc until they move a certain way, lift an object incorrectly, or even cough. A bulging disc can cause extreme pain, decreased range of motion, and even organ dysfunction in extreme cases.

The good news is that with the help of a chiropractor (and patience), a bulged disc can heal itself. 

Here are 3 simple steps you can take to ease the pain of a bulging disc:

1. Focus on Your Posture

A few simple adjustments such as reducing or eliminating bending, lifting, twisting, and even sitting for too long, will ease the stress on your bulging disc. Also try sleeping on your back with your knees propped up, or on your side with a pillow in between your knees. 

2. Improve Your Core Strength

Your back is supported by your abdominal muscles and leg muscles. Exercises that don't bother your bulging disc, such as modified yoga or pilates, can help you heal.

3. Visit Us at Markson Chiropractic

We offer a number of treatments for bulging discs, and we will help find the best one for you. Contact us today and schedule an appointment!

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