Tips to Improve Your Health

Published January 31st, 2017 by Dr. Hoder

Majority of new year's resolutions revolve around self-improvement, likely in the form of better health. Most new year's resolution attempts are already dwindling. However, if better health is a goal of yours, try working more bacteria into your diet!

You read the word bacteria correctly. Most of us consider bacteria to be harmful, and there are plenty of bacteria that exist. However, there are large quantities of healthy bacteria inside your body, outnumbering your human cell by 10 to 1.

There are more than 400 types of natural bacteria that can help you maintain your health. For example, intestinal bacteria produce enzymes that allow your body to metabolize vitamins and digest fats and carbohydrates. You may have noticed more and more health related articles focusing on having a healthy gut. This is essentially referring to having proper bacteria levels in your gastrointestinal system to aid you in proper hormone regulation and to keep harmful bacteria at bay. 

Ok so bacteria can be good, how do you make sure you are getting the proper amount?

Probiotic-packed Foods

Probiotics can help to increase the healthy bacteria in your body. You can try foods like yogurt, dark chocolate, pickles, miso soup, etc. that are rich in probiotics. Or you can take purchase a daily probiotic supplement to make sure you are getting the proper amount. We have one available in our office, so just ask us about it next time you are in for an appointment!

No matter what your resolution for 2017 is, making better health a priority will benefit you in the long run and probiotics are a great way to get started down a path toward better health.

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