Staying Hygienic During Coronavirus

Published May 19th, 2020 by Dr. Daner

Strange days indeed.
— John Lennon

I have the best patients in the world...during the holidays, I get wonderful, generous gifts like baked goods, gift certificates, handmade crafts. If I told you in December that the best Christmas gift that I would receive from a patient was a refillable portable hand sanitizer, would you have believed me? This is a sign of the crazy, uncertain, preposterous times we are going through together. We are all trying to combat a common invisible enemy, and most of all, are all trying not to get sick. While there is much that is not understood about this virus in terms of its transmission, symptoms, long term effects, etc...we do know that there are simple hygienic steps we can take to give ourselves the best chance to stay healthy and safe. 

  1. Wash your hands for 20 seconds. It is the most common phrase we are all hearing through this pandemic. You should wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after touching any surface. Try to not touch your face. It is amazing how much we touch our faces on a daily basis without even realizing it. This is an easy way to spread keep your hands clean and off your face. 

  2. Wear a mask! When you are in public around others, you should have a mask on at all times. While there is much debate on effectiveness and necessity, even if a mask gave you a 5% better chance of not contracting this virus, wouldn’t you wear it? There’s a reason that legislation has been passed to make them mandatory in public. 

  3. Change your clothes often and do laundry more frequently. As a chiropractor, I have more contact with others than most people during this time. In normal times, it would not be uncommon for me to leave work and go out to dinner at a restaurant without changing. I would not dream of doing that now. Due to the current situation, it is important to keep yourself free of germs from others, and these can linger on cloth surfaces for hours according to research. 

  4. Keep your house, car, and other living areas clean and free of germs. Wipe down surfaces frequently. 

  5. Social distance when possible. This is the hardest part of this pandemic in my opinion. We all miss our friends, and the simple things in life like a hug, handshake, dap, etc...We all long for that human touch, and this virus is putting us to the test in that regard. However, it is the best way to stop the transmission of germs and the virus, and signs are showing that what we have been doing is working in helping to flatten the curve. 

While much of this seems to be common sense, it has taken a deadly pandemic for us to be reminded of certain hygienic basics. At the very least, the world will be a much more hygienic place when this is all said and done. Following these simple steps on a daily basis gives you the best chance to stay healthy. Being in this “all together” constitutes a social do your part! 

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