Make Sleep a Priority

Published November 8th, 2016 by Dr. Hoder

Have you ever noticed how tired you feel in the morning, but then come night time you seem to have too much to do to go to bed at a reasonable hour? With the ever-growing to-do list, social obligations, and work sleep sometimes gets the short end of the stick. With a busy holiday season coming up, here are a few ideas to help ensure you get the sleep you need to stay refreshed and energized all season long:

Modify Your Diet Before Bed

You may have heard that eating late at night is bad for your metabolism and it's also bad for your sleep, but if sleep is eluding you try a warm cup of chamomile tea before bed. Other natural sleep enhancers like warm milk, nuts, seeds or bananas may help as well. They contain tryptophan and magnesium which help to induce sleep.

Take Natural Supplements

There are way too many over-the-counter sleep aids out there, with awful side effects. Try Magnesium, GABA and valerian root for natural ways to induce sleep.

Change Your Pre-Sleep Rituals

Just like kids have a bedtime routine, we all do to (we just don't realize it!) What you do before going to sleep actually affects how well you sleep. The most important thing is to stay off your smartphone before bed. The light from the screen plus the distractions on the phone itself will keep you awake longer than necessary. The same goes for the iPad or the TV. It is thought that the stimulation from the artificial light can make it difficult to shut down. 

Try Chiropractic Care

We always encourage regular visits, but if you're struggling to sleep get in here ASAP. Chiropractic reduces nerve interference allowing your body to function better, and your sleep may improve as a result. 

When you experience regular, restorative sleep, you'll have better energy levels to tackle the many to-dos of the season and enjoy the festivities in the process.  

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