It's Good to be on the Go

Published August 30th, 2015 by Dr. Hoder

There's no getting around it. We all live busy lifestyles whether we like it or not. But, all this business seems to involve sitting for extended lengths of time. This can lead to chronic joint pain and tightness that will eventually keep you from doing those active things that you love. 

Mobility is the key to being able to do whatever you want, and it's also a great way to stay healthy. So here are a few things you need to know to improve your range of motion:

Understanding Range of Motion

Range of motion is the mobility of the joints in your body, measured in degrees of a circle. As long as you're healthy your joints should maintain a normal range of motion that will enable you to move freely, carry on your daily activities and simply enjoy life. Injury, obesity, poor posture, a sedentary lifestyle, aging, and spinal issues may impair your range of motion and flexibility.

Move So You Can Live Life!

Most people visit a chiropractor due to back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. Regular chiropractic care can help to maintain your health and your normal range of motion, regardless of your age. The more you move around the better off your spine and nervous system are.

How to Maintain Your Range of Motion

Stretch Regularly: Stretching can improve your range of motion and reduce the likelihood if injury/pain. There are both active and passive range of motion stretches that work on strengthening your joints and muscles. Ask us which will work best for your needs, and we'll show you exactly what to do.

Get Adjusted: Regular chiropractic adjustments keep your neck, joints, and limbs flexible. Chiropractic adjustments address chronic ailments and restore range of motion.

We'd love to help show you the proper stretches and get your into a chiropractic care plan with us so give us a call to get started!

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