How to Maintain Balance and Flexibility

Published March 28th, 2023 by Dr. Daner

As chiropractors, we are constantly stressing to our patients the importance of overall health. We want the body to function at 100% as a whole because it gives you the best chance of living a long, healthy, happy life. One thing that I am constantly encouraging patients to do to stay healthy in the long run is to do the work needed to maintain balance and flexibility

How to Maintain Balance and Flexibility

It is especially important to maintain balance and flexibility as we start getting into our 30s, 40s, 50s, and beyond. But it’s not a passive thing—it requires effort, and your chiropractor can help! We have to work to maintain flexibility, and we generally have to work even harder the older we get. However, putting in the work to maintain balance and flexibility is vital, especially because these qualities naturally degrade over time. 

Create a Daily Stretching Routine or Try Yoga

The key to maintaining balance and flexibility is to develop some kind of daily stretching routine or yoga program that you can easily stick to and make a habit. There are tons of free videos and literature online that you can easily access and follow to get started. This will allow you to build a routine with unique stretches and poses that help you build core strength, relieve stress, and maintain balance and flexibility.

Your daily stretching routine or yoga sessions don’t have to be long—20 minutes of stretching or posing will go a long way, especially if you’re trying to practice daily self-care. One of the beautiful things about doing yoga or stretching at home every day is that you don’t have to spend all kinds of money on gym equipment. In fact, you’ll probably only need a yoga mat! If you belong to a gym already, even better! You can do your daily stretching routine or yoga there, and you’ll have even more tools at your disposal for improving your overall health. 

Building Core Strength Helps

Building core strength is also incredibly important if you want to maintain balance and flexibility. Though most people do not like exercising their core, it really does help with overall maintenance as we get older. When you have a weak core, you end up having tight back muscles, which is obviously not what we want if we are trying to maintain balance and flexibility. 

As part of your daily stretching routine and yoga sessions, you can build in exercises focused on building core strength. Planks, crunches, and the downward facing-dog—these motions can help keep your core strong, giving you a solid foundation around which you can maintain balance and flexibility as you get older. 

Markson Chiropractic Can Help You Maintain Balance and Flexibility

Having a daily stretching routine, getting into yoga, and building core strength—these are pillars of maintaining flexibility and increasing balance as we get older. If you want help building up your strength and staying healthier in the long run, the team at Markson Chiropractic is here to help. Schedule an appointment at our offices in Plantation, FL, to get started. 

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