Healthy Eating Habits for the Holidays

Published December 21st, 2021 by Dr. Hoder

Food is abundant during the holiday season, but we all know too much of a good thing can be harmful. Overindulgence can contribute to extra weight, digestion issues, and mood swings. A balanced diet makes the difference between an enjoyable holiday season and a miserable one. Try these healthy eating habits to have a great holiday!

Find Substitutions

Find healthier alternatives to rich, calorie-dense foods. For example, nuts and fruits can be a substitution for cookies or candy. Try soda water instead of soda. That way, you don't miss out on carbonation. During your holiday meal, eat primarily colorful vegetables rather than potatoes and stuffing. Healthy eating habits can be as simple as small healthy substitutions.

Avoid Hunger

Make sure you do not starve yourself to make room for the big dinner. You should never go hungry to an event, so make sure to eat something before. A small snack or meal with some protein will suffice. This healthy eating habit will help you avoid overeating all the holiday food. Of course, we all want to stuff ourselves when we see a never-ending table of delicious food, but this can harm your overall health

Take a Break

A vital piece of eating healthy during the holidays is knowing when to take a break. I think we've all experienced overeating to the point where we can't move. However, it is one of the last things we should do. In general, it takes about twenty minutes or so for the brain to notify the stomach that it is satisfied. When you eat less food per sitting and spread out your meals throughout the day, you'll boost your metabolism and burn calories. So even if it is not a balanced meal, you will still be able to avoid overeating.

Have Fun

It's the holiday season, so you should have fun. If you practice these healthy eating habits, you won't struggle to get back on track. For more information on eating healthy throughout the holidays, contact us at Markson Chiropractic.

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