Chiropractic care when you're feeling good and healthy?

Published January 13th, 2016 by Dr. Tokar

I get asked this question often!  What most people don't understand is that pain relief is just a small portion of what chiropractic care can offer! Most people don't go to their mainstream doctor when they don't have symptoms.  When we discuss wellness and maintenance care with our patients in the office, many times it's a completely new concept for them!  

So why WOULD you see your chiropractor if you aren't in pain anymore? Well if you remember waaaay back in the beginning of your care when you reviewed your X-rays, health concerns, and discussed how the body works with your chiropractor, you may remember that our MAIN goal is to remove the interference in your nervous system so that your body can communicate properly and heal naturally. Just because pain no longer exists doesn't mean you aren't in a constant sliding scale of health, either going towards or away from it with the choices you make every day. If you sleep funny, bend or twist the wrong way, or lift something improperly, you may wake up the next day back in the very place you started with in our office! 

Maintaining your spinal health is just like your regular dental hygiene regimen, car maintenance, healthy diet, etc. You don't just do these things until a certain point in time, you do them forever! Keeping your spine healthy with regular chiropractic care  will ensure a better quality of life!! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of the docs on your next visit!

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