Chiropractic Can Help You Go The Distance!

Published June 18th, 2019 by Dr. Daner

Sports and fitness training tend to put an incredible amount of stress on the body. Long distance running is no different, and it is one of the most taxing exercises for the musculoskeletal system. Every time the runners’ foot hits the ground, this is distributing both force and weight, so in a long distance run, this action is repeated thousands of times. This can cause significant problems to the spine and extremities. It is important that long distance runners get regular check ups at a chiropractor to make sure everything is aligned and functioning at 100% effectiveness. Not only will this keep the runner healthy, it will also ensure they are performing at their best.

Not only do chiropractors work with long distance runners spines and extremities to make sure they are properly aligned, but posture and gait will also be examined. If someone is running the “wrong” way or has an abnormal posture, this will increase the amount of stress on the body in addition to what already comes from long distance running. This leads to pain, injury, and a diminished ability to compete at a high level. A long distance runner should look at their body as a high performance sports car, and as goes for these, everything must be in 100% working order to hit the highest level of competition.

In summary, chiropractors are important for anyone, but especially those that put their bodies through extreme stress through sports competition. In addition to spinal and extremity adjustments, a sports chiropractor will include physical therapy modalities, postural correction, nutritional analysis, and stride analysis. This leads to benefits such as injury prevention, improved performance, quicker recovery from training and competing, and treatment of various injuries. Anyone who wants to compete at their highest level possible, chiropractic care is really essential. For athletes, chiropractic can really put you over the top!

If you are a runner or athlete and would like to learn more about how chiropractic can help, contact us today!

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