Baby on The Way

Published May 24th, 2016 by Dr. Tokar

As most of you know by now, I am a few weeks away from welcoming my second son into the world! While this is a very exciting time for my family and me, it is bittersweet. I LOVE all of you, my patients, many of whom feel like my friends or family! I will miss you while I'm away but please know I will be back soon! I need a few months to recover and bond with baby Tokar... and learn how to be a mommy of TWO!

 I will be available by email, which comes directly to my phone, should you need anything. You will be in absolutely exceptional hands with Dr. Markson, Dr. Hoder and Dr. Treese. They are aware of the needs, whether big or small, of each of my patients and I have trusted them completely to take care of me and my family for many years, and I trust them for you as well!!

Please follow my Facebook page for updates on the baby as well as any new research or articles that are share worthy while I'm away. I will also be sharing great tips to keep you and your little ones healthy over the summer, such as my favorite kid-friendly recipes and post partum exercises that I will be doing to get back into tip top adjusting shape!

If you haven't been into the office for a while or would like to see me before I'm out, please call the office to make an appointment. 954-472-7975

My hours for the next two weeks are:

Wed (5/25) 10-1 & 3-5:30

Th (5/26) 3-7

Fr (5/27) 10-1


Tu (5/31) 3-7

Wed (6/1) 10-1 & 3-5:30

Th (6/2) 3-7

Fr (6/3--Dr. Tokar's last day) 10-1

Wishing you all a wonderful summer, and thank you for being so kind and thoughtful throughout my pregnancy. It means the world to me to have such a wonderful place to call my work home!

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