Avoiding the Sugar Rush this Halloween

Published October 26th, 2015 by Dr. Hoder

Halloween weekend is finally here! Getting all costumed up is always fun, but trying to avoid having too much sugar on this specific holiday is hard. We get a lot of questions from parents in particular about the best approach to avoid all the sugar so here are my go-to tips to tackle Halloween:

  1. Make sure your kids eat a full meal before going trick-or-treating. If they are full, they'll be less likely to scarf down a ton of candy.

  2. Set a limit with your kids. Talk to your kids before they go trick-or-treating and make a deal with them about the amount of candy they will be eating. This helps to keep them from overloading on sugar. 

  3. Separate a large portion of your candy loot to donate or bring to your office, and portion the rest of the candy out into 2-3 piece servings for your kids.

  4. Give your kids the option to trade their candy in for a gift.

  5. Your kids will most likely be tired after walking so much, make sure they drink a lot of water and brush their teeth before going to bed!

  6. Don't forget to take your whole family in for an adjustment before and after trick-or-treating! They'll be best prepared for all that walking if their spine is in proper alignment. 

How do you deal with the Halloween sugar rush?

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