Advice to Keep Your Neck In Check

Published August 9th, 2016 by Dr. Hoder

Chiropractic is closely associated with back pain, however neck pain is another pretty common epidemic in the US. Neck pain is becoming more and more common thanks to our smart phones. What we typically recommend (in addition to regular chiropractic care) is exercising to keep your neck pain-free.

Benefits of Exercise for Neck Pain

Neck exercises are a common recommendation for anyone suffering from neck pain. Most neck exercise regiments will address neck pain symptoms as follows:

  • Neck Stretches: Flexibility is important for your neck! Neck stretches will increase or preserve the range of motion in your neck and release the stiffness that causes neck pain. Neck stretches should be done daily.

  • Neck Strengthening: Neck strengthening exercises help to maintain proper posture which decreases the likelihood of pain. 

Before starting any exercise/stretching program it's important to get your pain at a manageable level. If you are experiencing extreme neck pain, seek the help of a chiropractor before jumping into a stretch or exercise program to try to decrease the pain.

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