Chiropractic Care After Birth

Published February 17th, 2015 by Markson Chiropractic And Medical

The journey of labor and delivery can be challenging and beautiful all at once. The process by which the baby enters the birth canal from the uterus and exits the birth canal to be born can be stressful on the delicate spine of the baby, regardless of whether the birth is natural, assisted by forceps or vacuum, or even if the baby is born via cesarean section. The value of having a newborn's spine checked shortly after birth is immeasurable.

Making sure a newborn's nervous system is working properly can promote a better latch for breast feeding, a decrease in colic and reflux, and an increase in general comfort and ease. Many parents find their babies will begin to sleep better after their adjustment as well as notice improvement in their digestion.

Chiropractic is beneficial during pregnancy and afterward as well. Once you've given birth, you simply need to make an appointment to have your spine checked and your newborn's spine checked. Adjusting a newborn is extremely safe and gentle! Our chiropractors are trained to work with pediatrics and have specific techniques that are very effective in helping babies get a better, more natural start to life!

Please give us a call to discuss getting your little one checked. We will answer all of your questions and can provide many wonderful resources to help you become informed and empowered! 

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