Our Staff

We strive to create an atmosphere unlike any you've had before. We believe that all starts with a caring, competent staff.

Chiropractic Assistants

Because chiropractic may be new to you, we employ multiple assistants whose sole purpose is to make you happy. In addition to the multiple doctors on staff, our highly trained assistants will help you to have a near-flawless chiropractic experience. They do this by welcoming you with a smile each and every visit, always making sure that there is nothing new that the doctors need to know before your care for that day. Also, our advocates will escort you through the office, assist you with your therapy, and tend to your comfort and well being.

Front desk Assistant

Our front desk assistant is friendly, caring, and prepared to make the scheduling process a breeze. Patients are placed on a Multiple Appointment Program (MAP) catered to their individual needs. Our phone lines are always open and we encourage you to call with any challenges. You will be treated with softness and sincerity.

Insurance and Financial Assistant

We have one full time and one part time insurance specialist on staff, both eager to help with any financial matter you may have. Their responsibilities include the verification of patient's insurance as well as communication with insurance companies to track proper payment. This cuts down on the necessity of patient involvement as well as minimizes out of pocket expenses.

Records Custodian

With the necessity of proper documentation, we have a full time records keeper and transcriptionist. This enables us to process records requests in a timely fashion. Additionally, as a part of your permanent record we will keep a "Request for Medical Records" on file in case we should need to retrieve some of your past paperwork from other doctors.

Massage Therapists

At Markson Chiropractic, we have Licensed Massage Therapists on staff in order to assist you in reaching your health goals. Massage is used in coordination with chiropractic adjustments to help the soft-tissues of the body heal quickly and effectively.