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Chiropractic and Quality of Sleep

It is fairly common knowledge that as a society, we do not get enough sleep. The effects of this widely vary, including fatigue, poor memory, poor concentration, lapses in judgement, increase of illnesses, and many other negative side effects. The good news is, in a lot of these situations, proper chiropractic care can help one get the proper rest they need, both from a quality and quantity standpoint.

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Swimming and Chiropractic Care

Fall may be approaching, but as Floridians we get to continue to enjoy warmer weather. One of the many perks of this is year-round dips in the pool or at the beach. Not only is swimming refreshing, it is also an excellent workout. It is also great for those that are suffering from back pain. Here are some of the benefits of water exercises.

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How to Start The Year Off Healthy

The holidays usually equate to too many sweets with too few visits to the gym. Plus a cough or cold that leads to using sick days you were trying to stockpile for the New Year. Getting on the path to better health (and more sick days in your arsenal) can be done with these few simple and smart steps.

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Long Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care
"If chiropractic works why do I have to keep coming back?"

We are commonly asked by patients or potential patients why we recommend treatment after they have experience relief from their symptoms. We call this wellness care. Chiropractic care not only brings patients out of pain, it prevents the pain from ever recurring again. 

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How to Make Your New Year's Resolutions Achievable

January is always a time to focus on creating resolutions and setting new goals. Most of the time we are setting goals that focus on health and wellness, and more often than not, abandoning those goals by February. But, here's a few simple things you can do to make sure your New Year's resolutions are actually achievable!

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