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Fighting Colds with Chiropractic

The holiday season is upon us, and that means we’ll be spending some of our time either avoiding or fighting the cold and flu. Nobody likes to be sick, but willpower alone won’t keep the germs away. Most of us have a few tricks to keep sickness at bay, but we’ve put together a few tips as a reminder.

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Let's Talk Germs!

Why is it that some people go from one cold to the next, getting all the bugs that are "going around” while others don’t? It was this very question that prompted D. D. Palmer back in 1895 to pursue what we now call chiropractic! Today, most people have a negative association with germs, and many are afraid of them. So how can chiropractic help you in fighting them?

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How Are You Staying Healthy?

It seems like we are hearing the words "health care" more and more lately in the news. Usually, "sick" care is what's being referred to — care that is given to someone who already has the symptoms of an illness or injury. True health is what we do in our day-to-day lives to be healthy, and is the proactive choices we make to prevent life-threatening diseases or illnesses. 

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How to Start The Year Off Healthy

The holidays usually equate to too many sweets with too few visits to the gym. Plus a cough or cold that leads to using sick days you were trying to stockpile for the New Year. Getting on the path to better health (and more sick days in your arsenal) can be done with these few simple and smart steps.

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Long Term Benefits of Chiropractic Care
"If chiropractic works why do I have to keep coming back?"

We are commonly asked by patients or potential patients why we recommend treatment after they have experience relief from their symptoms. We call this wellness care. Chiropractic care not only brings patients out of pain, it prevents the pain from ever recurring again. 

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