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Proper Balance Starts With Your Feet

As chiropractors, we are often asked questions about back and neck pain. Which relate to the spine, but what most people neglect is the importance of your feet! You walk, run, sit, stand, etc. You sometimes wear shoes that don't fit or that are brutal on your feet, and then wonder why your back hurts! Give your feet the love and appreciation you deserve! Here's what you need to know.

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Decreasing Chronic Foot Pain

If you're experiencing pain in your feet, you're likely not as mobile as you'd like to be. Foot pain can radiate into your heel and Achilles tendon. If you experience chronic foot pain, you may notice that it flares up in the morning and improves throughout the day (unless you're on your feet all day). If you leave foot pain alone you may find yourself unable to walk at all. If your arches, your heel, etc. hurts even a little bit at all, seek treatment! It' much simpler than you think to decrease chronic foot pain.

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