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Chiropractic During Your Pregnancy

Throughout pregnancy, expecting mothers have numerous health matters to pay attention to. Not only do you need to ready your body for delivery, but you have to be sure your body is helping your growing baby develop properly. Focusing on diet, exercise, and your OB appointments is absolutely necessary, and remembering to visit your chiropractor is important, too! 

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Chiropractic care for a better pregnancy, labor and delivery

Many women begin to have discomfort as they enter the second and third trimesters of their pregnancy. Some may have never experienced these issues before while others may have exacerbated complaints stemming from previous issues. The fact is, as your body changes each week to  accommodate a growing fetus, there is a likelihood that you may experience some of the typical complaints that I see in my prenatal patients.

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The Webster Technique for Pregnant Mothers

For many women, pregnancy can be an uncomfortable experience. The physical and hormonal changes involved with pregnancy come with an alteration of the spinal and pelvic alignment. This alteration, or misalignment, is often very uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) for the pregnant mother.

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