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The Epidemic of Text Neck

Technology is at an all time high level worldwide. Tasks and jobs are easier than ever thanks to the advancement of electric, computer and smartphone technology. Things that used to take hours or even days are now being completed in a matter of minutes or even seconds. However, like almost everything else in life, with the good comes the bad. In “exchange” for this simplicity of life comes a degeneration of proper posture. Here’s what you need to know about text neck.

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Could Cell Phone Use Be Hurting Your Posture?

Cell phones provide us with the ability to communicate with our family and friends, search the internet, take photographs, and play games all from the the palm of our hand. So what could be wrong with these convenient and easy to use mobile devices that are such a large part of our day-to-day lives?

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Is "Text-Neck" Something to Worry About?

It is very rare to meet someone without a smartphone, and even more rare to meet someone who isn't constantly using their cell phone. This consistent cell phone use has been linked to neck-pain.

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