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How Are You Staying Healthy?

It seems like we are hearing the words "health care" more and more lately in the news. Usually, "sick" care is what's being referred to — care that is given to someone who already has the symptoms of an illness or injury. True health is what we do in our day-to-day lives to be healthy, and is the proactive choices we make to prevent life-threatening diseases or illnesses. 

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Taking On Your 2018 Fitness Routine

With the arrival of the New Year, gyms and health centers will see an increase in traffic as many rush to renew their commitment to physical fitness. It is great to set goals, and a new year is a great time to start fresh. As proponents of natural health, we know that regular exercise is incredibly important.

However, if you haven't maintained a regular fitness routine, jumping back in to exercise too quickly or intensely often leads to injury. This is because overused muscles can lead to injury and scar tissue, causing pain and restricting motion.

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